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How I Screwed Up The Launch of

👨 Adrian Sieber

TLDR: A few days ago I launched the website []. On [Reddit] it got only down votes, on Hacker News the post was flagged, and on [Twitter] it got mocked. I was crushed. In this post I want to explain … read full post - An App Store for CLI Apps

👨 Adrian Sieber

TLDR: We love simple, yet powerful CLI apps. But while MacOS, iOS and Android apps can be sold and bought in their respective app stores, there is currently no place to sell and buy CLI apps. Therefore we developed []! … read full post

Transity - The Future of Plain Text Accounting

👨 Adrian Sieber

TLDR: We found [existing plain text accounting tools] unsatisfactory, so we developed [Transity]. It models financial flows in terms of transactions and not debited / credited accounts. Furthermore, its journal format is based on [YAML] and can therefore easily be … read full post

Ignore a Patch Once

👨 Benjamin Karran

Today we released a new version of Feram with some major improvements, mainly inspired by your feedback.The most important change is that we provide a Ignore once button now. This gives you the following options:Approve - Accept the proposal and … read full post

Our Progress in 2018

👨 Adrian Sieber

Until now we haven't been particularly chatty about our progress and the changes we make to Feram on a regular basis. But we're dedicated to improve our communication and in the future we'll keep this blog up to date with … read full post