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Transity - The Future of Plain Text Accounting

👨 Adrian Sieber

TLDR: We found [existing plain text accounting tools] unsatisfactory, so we developed [Transity]. It models financial flows in terms of transactions and not debited / credited accounts. Furthermore, its journal format is based on [YAML] and can therefore easily be … read full post

Ignore a Patch Once

👨 Benjamin Karran

Today we released a new version of Feram with some major improvements, mainly inspired by your feedback.The most important change is that we provide a Ignore once button now. This gives you the following options:Approve - Accept the proposal and … read full post

Our Progress in 2018

👨 Adrian Sieber

Until now we haven't been particularly chatty about our progress and the changes we make to Feram on a regular basis. But we're dedicated to improve our communication and in the future we'll keep this blog up to date with … read full post