Ignore a Patch Once

👨 Benjamin Karran

Today we released a new version of Feram with some major improvements, mainly inspired by your feedback.

The most important change is that we provide a Ignore once button now. This gives you the following options:

The three options in action

Ignore once is now the default for all new issues, whereas before issues were set to Approve by default. Since it is our default, we do not explicitly render Ignore once.

As soon as you hit Reject or Approve only the button of the selected option is shown. It is a drop-down is case you change your mind.

Notice that although we introduced a third option, we neither need more space for buttons, nor do we require you to make more than one click to approve or reject an issue.

Improved Conflict Resolution

In the past, if Feram found a lot of issues, you probably noticed that Feram could not apply all of them. So you had to wait for Feram to check its own commits and select those issues again.

With this release we completely overhauled our mechanism and implemented a new method for merging selected patches. You will find that from now on patches can only in rare cases not be combined.

Other Improvements

Here is a list of minor improvements that also ship with this release: