Getting Started on GitHub

This is a short tutorial on how to get started with Feram on GitHub.

Step 1: Activate Feram

Feram is a GitHub app and can be easily enabled for your repositories.

First, go to GitHub and activate Feram for at least one repository.

Activate Feram on GitHub

Whenever you create a new commit in one of the activated repositories, Feram automatically checks the code of the repositories and posts a warning if any bugs were found:

GitHub Failed Check Screenshot

Step 2: Select Patches

When you open the "Details" link, you will get redirected to the corresponding "code check" on

Feram Codecheck Screenshot

There you simply select which patches you want to apply to your code and click submit.

Step 3: Merge The Branch

Feram then commits all the changes directly into the merge request branch and you are ready to finally merge the branch!

GitHub Passed Check Screenshot


Congratulations, you have effortlessly improved your code!

From now on every commit in you activated repositories gets automatically checked by Feram.

Activate Feram on GitHub