What is Feram? #

Feram is a service which finds bugs in your merge requests and automatically generates patches for those bugs. Afterwards you can step through the patches and decide which ones you want to apply. Finally, the selected patches are committed to your merge request.

How does Feram work? #

Feram is a GitHub App which seamlessly integrates in your GitHub merge request workflow.

Every time a new merge request is opened, or new commits are pushed into an existing merge request, Feram gets notified and automatically downloads the latest changes. It then uses state of the art open source tools to detect bugs in your code. (Check out the full list on our features page.)

If any bugs were found Feram blocks the merge request and posts a link to the results of the code check. There you can select which patches you want to apply and which you want to discard.

After making your selection Feram commits the relevant patches and pushes them onto your merge request branch. The merge request can then be merged.

For a detailed tutorial on how to get started check out the getting started page.

What does "Feram" mean? #

Feram stands for "Fork, edit, request and merge", which describes the general workflow of software collaboration. (Feram also means wild animal in Latin 😉)


What kind of bugs can Feram fix? #

Check out the complete list on our features page.

Does Feram support GitHub Enterprise? #

Yes! Please contact us to get more information.

Does Feram support GitLab and Bitbucket? #

The APIs of GitLab and Bitbucket are still inferior to GitHub's and they currently make it too hard for us to implement a great and seamless user experience.

That said, if you are interested in an integration make sure to contact us.

Why does Feram only check commits in merge requests? #

Currently, Feram needs to recheck the whole repository for every commit, because fixing just a subset of the code could lead to inconsistent repositories.

As soon Feram supports incremental checks we will also enable checks for every commit!


How much does Feram cost? #

Feram is free for public repositories and free for occasional checks of personal private repositories. If you are a company and/or want to use Feram on a regular basis please check out our pricing page.

You have a question which is not covered above? Please contact us!