About Us


Feram GmbH was founded in February 2017 to develop the Feram code analysis app. However, close collaboration with numerous mid-sized companies revealed, that there was an extensive need for better business and development workflows. Therefore, in mid 2020, we pivoted to developing custom cloud based architectures and processes for mid-sized companies. We base our solutions on robust and well proven platforms like Google Workspaces, Google Cloud Engine, Salesforce, and open source apps like Wordpress, Ghost, Bitwarden, and NextCloud.


Feram is your partner for moving to the cloud!

Hardware is a liability and only by moving all computation to the cloud can you become a truly software driven company. The cloud era has dawned and we want your company to be a part of it. This will increase your efficiency, reduce costs, and enable your employees to work from anywhere.

Software projects consist of technical puzzles, and unforeseeable roadblocks. Rather than planning every detail upfront, we sketch out a broad plan and then get to work. Constantly changing, testing, discussing, and refining. This enables us to integrate new ideas, adapt to change, and launch the best possible solution for you!

Feram's developers and designers are true generalists – having mastered numerous technologies, platforms, and paradigms. We inspect your setup and pinpoint the most suitable changes to bring it to the next level.


Image of Malik Nousierat

Malik Nousierat

Software Engineer